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Tom Hanks to Present SAG Life Achievement Award

Tom Hanks to Present SAG Life Achievement Award

Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Tom Hanks will present the SAG Life Achievement Award to renowned actor, writer, director, producer, and communicator Alan Alda during the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards®, Executive Producer Kathy Connell announced today. Alda accepting SAG-AFTRA’s highest accolade from his co-star in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies will be a highlight of the SAG Awards® Silver Anniversary ceremony.

Hanks starred in Bridge of Spies as James Donovan, the lawyer defending KGB agent Rudolf Abel, and Alda co-starred as Thomas Watters, a partner at the same law firm. Bringing their characters’ complex relationship to life reinforced lasting bonds between the two actors. Spielberg’s Cold War thriller, based on a true story, subsequently was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar®.