Ramzi Tabiat

Ramzi Tabiat
Ramzi studied art at ESAG-PENNINGHEN –Paris, one of the best foundation schools that has graduated worldwide Artists and Photographers.

He decided to specialize in interior design and attended LISAA IDEA in Paris as well. Simultaneously he started working at Al Ostoura – founded by mother, as he was always been interested in fashion.

Ramzi attended the prestigious DOMAUS ACADEMY in MILAN to develop his skill in interior and product design but after his graduation, he decided to return to Kuwait to join Al Ostoura fully in order to grow the family company.

From Lebanon to Paris and Milan, from buyer to fashion director and then to creative director of the entire company, Ramzi has proved his skills by far in a short period of time.


WednesdayUAE  22:00
WednesdayGMT 18:00
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الجمعة                 22:30 بتوقيت الإمارات
الجمعة                 18:30  بتوقيت غرينتش


  • In 2003 she was selected to participate in big brother, and was the first woman of Arabic origins to appear on the Italian TV.