In the Blood

In the Blood

Date - 10/13/2017 | Days - Friday

Time - UAE: 22:00 | GMT: 18:00

Director - John Stockwell
Actors - Gina Carano, Cam Gigandet, Danny Trejo

In 2002, Ava, a 14-year-old girl from Bridgeport, Connecticut, is woken up in the middle of the night and sees her drug lord father murdered by two masked intruders, before grabbing a shotgun and gunning down the two assailants. Twelve years later, after a rough life and recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, Ava marries the affluent Derek Grant in Arlington, the two having met while attending Narcotics Anonymous gatherings. After the ceremony, the newlyweds fly off for their honeymoon to a Caribbean island where Derek's family owns a summer home.

One evening, the couple befriends a young local named Manny who invites them to a nightclub where Ava gets into a violent fight with several patrons following an encounter with local criminal Big Biz. The next morning, Manny invites Ava and Derek to ride "El Vuidador" ("The Widowmaker") a mile-long zip-line in the rainforest. Once there, Ava, who's afraid of heights, declines to go down the line, but Derek does and his harness snaps while descending, making him fall to the ground. Ava finds him in the forest, unconscious and severely injured, but alive. Unable to ride in the ambulance with her husband, she eventually reaches the hospital, where staff deny that Derek was brought in. After realising that none of the island's other clinics and medical facilities admitted her husband, Ava goes to the police to declare him missing. Stranded in a foreign land, faced with inaction from the local authorities and suspicion from her father-in-law, Ava tries to piece together what happened and find her husband, whatever it takes.