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Jennifer Hudson Epitomizes Old Hollywood Glamour in O, The Oprah Magazine

Jennifer Hudson Epitomizes Old Hollywood Glamour in O, The Oprah Magazine

The stunning actress proves that point as she covers the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, epitomizing old Hollywood glamour in a way that is simply breathtaking.

Hudson is making her Broadway debut in the revival of The Color Purple—a theme for the cover of the magazine and a hue that seems to connect with her so well.

"Purple is absolutely my favorite color," she says. "My closet is purple, my dressing room is purple, and I even love a purple lipstick!" She also happens to look fantastic in it! Hudson rocks the shade in multiple ensembles for the cover shoot—a floor length gown for one, a summer dress for another and a lace ensemble in a third—posing in a dramatic New York City theater that gives her the regal essence of an old Hollywood actress.

Her character in the play, however, couldn't be any more different. "I have butterflies taking on this role, but I like that," she tells the magazine. "I never second guessed it – I just hopped right in. She is such a different funky character for me and I was very attached to book and the film." As Hudson prepares to hop into the play's run, she already knows she'll have to take care of herself. "Plenty of rest," she says of maintaining her voice. "And I drink lots of warm water with lemon and honey."

Luckily she also has her family, including her son David, by her side to support her through it. In fact, they've always been a big fan of Broadway.