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Matt Damon says Bourne 5 will pick up 12 years after the last movie

Matt Damon says Bourne 5 will pick up 12 years after the last movie

The next time we see Jason Bourne, he’ll be a few years older. Fresh off a Golden Globe nom for his exhilarating performance in The Martian, Matt Damon’s first film of the new year will be a return to the popular Bourne franchise.

During a recent interview with Variety, Damon revealed that when he reprises his iconic role as Jason Bourne, the character will have been off the grid for 12 years.

“You’ll find the character — like The Bourne Ultimatum, the third act actually in the movie dovetails with the third act of The Bourne Supremacy,” Damon said. “So technically when the Bourne character disappears, it’s still 2004. So when this next one comes out in ’16, it will have been 12 years — in movie years — that the character as been off the grid. So what’s happened in those intervening years gives you a story.”

Damon, who revealed that they are about halfway through with production on the fifth installment of the Bourne franchise, also provided fans with a preview of a few of the action scenes from the upcoming film when he was asked about shooting locations.

“We were in Tenerife, which is supposed to be Athens. It would be like a nighttime riot scene to kind of start the movie,” the actor revealed. “And then England, Berlin a little bit for about a week, and a little bit in D.C. Then we’re going to Vegas for the third act. Big car chase on the strip.”