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Dubai Police Install 28 New Hi-tech Speed Cameras On Dubai Roads

Dubai Police Install 28 New Hi-tech Speed Cameras On Dubai Roads

The devices can spot violations such as being in the wrong lane and sudden swerving as well as speeding and jumping a red light. They record the violations using not only still images but video as well. The radar can record video of 10 seconds in length.

In total, 28 new radars have been installed on Dubai roads. Old speed cameras will also be gradually replaced with the new radar.

Colonel Said Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said: “The new radar was chosen because it has the latest technology to catch motorists who think they are more important than others and choose to cut in line at traffic lights and junctions rather than wait their turn.

“Queue jumpers are the cause of many accidents as they often dart in line at the last minute with little regard for others. They don’t follow the traffic lane and surprise other motorists who were in the right lane.”

The new radar can also spot red light jumpers before the act by monitoring the car before it reaches the signal. It reads the car’s speed and calculates to know if the motorist can make the signal.

“The old radar used to catch motorists who crossed the red lights with more than 20kph above the speed limit but the new one can catch them even at lower speed,” Al Mazroui said. “This will help us in cracking down on reckless motorists who cause serious accidents.”

The new radar can also monitor vehicles who block a junction by staying in the yellow box. Police said the cameras are at these junctions: Damascus Road; Mirdif bridge; Al Warqa; Al Hemriya; City Centre Deira; Clock Tower; Dubai Mall; Oud Metha Road; Al Wasl Road; Al Khazan; Al Mawakib School; Umm Suqiem Road; Flower City