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Morgan Freeman & Michael Caine’s Take On Ageism and 'Bromance'

Morgan Freeman & Michael Caine’s Take On Ageism and 'Bromance'

mediaexpress.reuters.com: Veteran actors Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine hit out at Hollywood ageism and spoke about their 'bromance' as they attended a special screening of their sixth film together, 'Going in Style', in London on Wednesday (April 5).

The remake of the 1979 movie of the same name centres around three senior citizens (with Alan Arkin making up the trio) who decide to rob a bank when they have their pensions taken away from them. Caine, 84, and Freeman, 79, said that the film was a commentary on ageism in Hollywood, and said that their continuing roles in films were proof that the situation was improving.

They also said they find acting becomes easier as they grow older - although were apparently unfamiliar with the contemporary term 'bromance' when asked about making their sixth film together. 'Going in Style', directed by Zach Braff, hits UK and US cinemas on April 7.