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“Year Of Giving” Memorial Stamps

“Year Of Giving” Memorial Stamps

KhaleejTimes.com: The Emirates Post Group has issued memorial stamps to commemorate the declaration of 2017 as the Year of Giving in the UAE. The stamps are part of an initiative called 'good post' and have been rolled out in cooperation with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and Future.

The issuance of the stamps reflects the "culture of charity and giving on which the UAE's vision is based", the group said in a statement. This vision implies that culture should depend on the state's Islamic and Arab identity.

Acting CEO of Emirates Post Group Abdullah Mohammed Al Ashram said the stamps were issued in order to document the country's humanitarian initiatives on the ground. "Stamps are a means of media and cultural communication, reaching various countries and peoples of the world. This special issue of stamps comes in two different designs: The first carries the official logo of Year of Giving 2017, and the second comes in the form of a donation fund to encourage the community to contribute and give."