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Chris Evans To Play A Villain Role in 'Knives Out'

Chris Evans To Play A Villain Role in 'Knives Out'

Variety.com: Chris Evans is going from American superhero to mystery villain in his upcoming film “Knives Out,” and it’s a welcome change.

“It’s nice to play somebody a little more vile,” Evans said at Variety‘s Toronto Film Festival studio presented by AT&T. “I don’t always get the opportunity to play someone who’s so despicable; so yeah it’s fun.”

In the film, Evans plays the black-sheep grandson of the best-selling mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey, who is found dead by an apparent “suicide.” A whodunnit mystery soon follows, involving all three of Harlan’s heirs — Linda (Jamie Lee Curtis), Walt (Michael Shannon) and Joni (Toni Collette) — and their children, as a police officer played by Daniel Craig races to uncover the film’s central murderer.

Viewers first got a taste of Evan’s “vile” character in the film’s trailer, which show’s the foul-mouthed family member spouting off a series of swear words directed at his various cast mates.