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Niall Horan To Release New Single in a Few Months

Niall Horan To Release New Single in a Few Months

people.com: It’s time for Niall Horan fans to get excited!

The former One Direction star just revealed that he’ll be releasing new music by the end of the year.

“I’ve got an album on the way, towards the end of the year, maybe next year,” Horan, 25, told OD Entertainment this week. “I’ll have a single in a few months.”

The musician added that he’s ready to have some fun this summer in celebration of completing his sophomore project.

“I’ve just come back to London for the summer cause it’s finished, and I want to enjoy myself. And ’cause I haven’t seen anyone, I haven’t been in the country. I need to go home to Ireland to see the family,” the “Slow Hands” singer said.

Horan said that his new album will be a bit of a departure from the ballad-heavy Flicker.

“It won’t be Flicker, it’s a little bit different. I’ll always have my ballads in there, but I’m trying to rock things up a little bit,” he said.