World's Last Surviving Male White Rhino Died

Sudan, the world's last surviving male northern white rhino died after months of poor health

Sierra Leone's 'Peace Diamond'  Goes up for Auction in New York

Profits of the auction will go directly to Sierra Leone to fund water, electricity, health and education projects

'Lincoln in the Bardo' Grabs 2017 Man Booker prize

George Saunders’ 'Lincoln in the Bardo' won the high profile literary award Man Booker Prize

Chinese Office Chef Becomes a Youtube Sensation

23-year-old Ms Yeah uploaded videos of her cooking using office equipment became Youtube sensation with more than half a million subscribers

Robot Conducts Orchestra

YuMi: The robot conducts at Pisa’s Verdi Theater to mark the First International Festival of Robotics in Tuscan City

Slow-Motion Film To Potentially Cure Insomnia

An eight-hour-long slow motion film featuring flock of sheep created for meditation

Art: From Gallery to Vending Machine

A group of artists in the southern English coastal town of Brighton are offering their works to the public through a vending machine.

First Female Infantry Officer To Captain UK Queen's Guard

A Canadian soldier reports to her duty as the first female infantry officer to captain the UK Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace

Living Dolls:Eerily Realistic Human Made By A Spanish Firm

Dolls that looks and moves exactly like a newborn are for sale in Northern Spain

Goat Yoga: Yoga

Goat Yoga social media-driven trend with moves like the cat pose and bridge pose while goats climb around

Chocolate Museum Rich in Chocolate History and Calories

Museum rich in chocolate history and calories celebrating the sweet stuff back to its ancient Mayan roots

Endangered White Rhino Joins Dating App

‘Sudan’ is the world’s last male white rhino joins Tinder to get a mate