Slow-Motion Film To Potentially Cure Insomnia

An eight-hour-long slow motion film featuring flock of sheep created for meditation

Art: From Gallery to Vending Machine

A group of artists in the southern English coastal town of Brighton are offering their works to the public through a vending machine.

First Female Infantry Officer To Captain UK Queen's Guard

A Canadian soldier reports to her duty as the first female infantry officer to captain the UK Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace

Living Dolls:Eerily Realistic Human Made By A Spanish Firm

Dolls that looks and moves exactly like a newborn are for sale in Northern Spain

Goat Yoga: Yoga

Goat Yoga social media-driven trend with moves like the cat pose and bridge pose while goats climb around

Chocolate Museum Rich in Chocolate History and Calories

Museum rich in chocolate history and calories celebrating the sweet stuff back to its ancient Mayan roots

Endangered White Rhino Joins Dating App

‘Sudan’ is the world’s last male white rhino joins Tinder to get a mate

Pink Floyd: ‘The Shrimp Named After Legendary British Band

A newly discovered shrimp species has been named after British band Pink Floyd

Internet Sensation Giraffe  ‘April’ gives birth in front of million viewers

At the height of April’s pregnancy around 5 million viewers were checking on her

The Queen Feeds Elephant At A Zoo

Queen Elizabeth attends the opening of a zoo in London and meets Donna

Tupac Shakur's Inspired Cafe

Tupac’s vision for an eatery comes to life after 21 years

Patrick Stewart Supports Initiatives Against Dog Fighting

Patrick Stewart's dog fostering a pit bull has been a life changing experience