The Rotating Apartment Building Where Everyone Lives in the Penthouse

A designer has developed a futuristic concept that solves the issue of housing inequality.

Shocking Footage Shows How Easy it is to Lured Children by a Stranger

In footage that will shock and horrify parents, a video of a social experiment has shown how easily it is for a complete stranger to walk off with young children.

A two-year-old making friends with a baby kangaroo

Some joeys are more gentle than others, as this young kangaroo proved when it made friends with a two-year-old girl.

Baby Puppy VERY Confused by his Hiccups

Buck is an 8 week year old Heeler who isn't so sure about his first experience with hiccups.

Hilarious moments squirrel appears to lift weights

A photographer has captured the hilarious moment a pair of squirrels decided to pump some iron in his garden thanks to a clever feeding device and some almost invisible fishing line.

Incredible moment four-month-old baby is pulled ALIVE from the rubble of Nepal's earthquake

This is the incredible moment that a four-month-old earthquake survivor was pulled alive from the rubble of his collapsed home following the 7.8-magnitude tremor which shattered Nepal.

German tourist snaps hilarious selfies with friendly zebra

A German tourist has captured some of the greatest animal selfies of all time after a zebra cosied up to him at a safari park in Germany.

It's difficult to tell these two little boys apart thanks to same cheeky smile

One is HRH Prince George of Cambridge, while the other is plain old Tommy Cox from Colchester, Essex.

More than 250 pedigree cats shown off at annual feline beauty contest

The world's most pampered pusses were pitted against each other in a feline beauty contest.

The Indian Rapunzel! Woman with seven-foot-long hair

An Indian woman who holds several awards for the extreme length of her hair has ambitions of one day becoming a Guinness World Record holder.