• GMT 18:00 | UAE 22:00
  • Wednesday

Who will have the right stuff to do ‘the toughest job in the universe?’

New Frontier

An uncountable fleet of satellites and space probes have left Earth to visit every destination in the solar system.

  • GMT 17:00 | UAE 21:00
  • Friday

Britain’s Got Talent is back on its 13th season!

Super Skyscrapers

A close-up look at 4 world-renowned superstructures.

Climate: A Few Degrees Less

Beyond these extra 2°c, the Earth is bound to experience climate-caused disasters.

Journey To The Pale Red Dot
  • GMT 23:00 | UAE 03:00
  • Tuesday

The first person on the red planet.

Fashion Star S4
  • GMT 17:00 | UAE 21:00
  • Friday - Saturday

Fashion Star Arabia is BACK!

Space Tomorrow

The big adventures of the past and the challenges of tomorrow.

X Factor S15
  • GMT 17:00 | UAE 21:00
  • Sunday - Thursday

X Factor is BACK!