New Frontier

An uncountable fleet of satellites and space probes have left Earth to visit every destination in the solar system.

  • GMT 17:00 | UAE 21:00
  • Friday - Saturday

Britain’s Got Talent is back on its 13th season!

Super Skyscrapers

A close-up look at 4 world-renowned superstructures.

Climate: A Few Degrees Less

Beyond these extra 2°c, the Earth is bound to experience climate-caused disasters.

Journey To The Pale Red Dot
  • GMT 23:00 | UAE 03:00
  • Tuesday

The first person on the red planet.

Fashion Star S4
  • GMT 17:00 | UAE 21:00
  • Friday - Saturday

Fashion Star Arabia is BACK!

Space Tomorrow

The big adventures of the past and the challenges of tomorrow.

X Factor S15
  • GMT 17:00 | UAE 21:00
  • Sunday - Thursday

X Factor is BACK!