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Terminator: Dark Fate Begins a Possible New 'Terminator' trilogy

James Cameron shares his thoughts on a possible new Terminator trilogy with 'Dark Fate' as an initial installment

Hailey and Justin Bieber Prepare for Upcoming Second Wedding

Stephen Baldwin gives some details about his daughter Hailey and Justin Bieber's second wedding

Camila Cabello Teases a Possible New Music

Camilla Cabello talks about love on a video she shared on Instagram

‘Joker’ Gets a Standing Ovation at Venice Premiere

Joaquin Phoenix's performance as 'Joker' wows the crowd at Venice Film Festival

BTS’ ‘Bring the Soul’ Breaks Cinema Records

"Bring the Soul: The Movie" breaks event cinema record grossing $24.3 million worldwide

Shawn Mendes Launches His Foundation

Shawn Mendes vows to inspire, act and empower through his newly launch foundation: The Shawn Mendes Foundation

Matthew McConaughey Takes on a New Role: University Professor

Matthew McConaughey joins the University of Texas as professor of practice

Watch Demi Lovato on 3 Episodes of 'Will & Grace'

Demi Lovato to guest on 'Will & Grace as a tough woman who comes into Will's life

MTV Video Music Awards 2019 Winners

Ariana Grande wins Artist of The Year at MTV Video Music Awards

Viola Davis Might Play Michelle Obama in a Series

Michelle Obama's personal and political life on Showtime series "First Ladies"

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $5 Million For Amazon Rainforest

Leonardo DiCaprio's Earth Alliance Foundation pledges $5 million to help repair the damage to Amazon known as the 'lungs of the planet'

Ewan McGregor Reprises His 'Star Wars' Role

Ewan McGregor returns as Obi-Wan in a new 'Star Wars' Tv series