Celebs & Events

Rita Otra Supports Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 star- Lewis Hamilton loses his world title with Rita Otra by his side.

Parents Need To Educate Children About Obesity

UAE health professionals advise parents to teach their children about obesity.

New Rogue One Trailer Gives The Spotlight To K-2SO

Human-sized droid shines on the new trailer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Commemorative Coin To Honour Country s Heroes

UAE Central Bank will be issuing new commemorative coins to mark Commemoration Day.

Don’t Get Too Close : Justin Bieber Warns

Justine Bieber punches a fan in Barcelona.

Mohamed bin Zayed Announces the official name for the martyrs' memorial site

Kanye West Rushed To Psychiatric Emergency

Kanye West suffers from mental exhaustion.

UAE Innovation Week

Innovation, An Everyday Activity

Burj Khalifa - UAE’s Smartest Building

Burj Khalifa and other Dubai buildings scored high in the recent Honeywell Smart Building Score Report.

2016 American Music Awardees

Is Your Favourite Performer on the list?

World Television Day!

DCN joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Television Day.

Glimpse of Star Wars and Avatar-Themed Lands at Disney World

Stunning images of how the Star Wars and Avatar Themed Lands will look upon completion.