Celebs & Events

Daytime Emmy Awards 2017 Winners

Ellen DeGeneres & Steve Harvey dominate their respective categories during the Daytime Emmy Awards 2017

Harry Styles World Tour Is On

Harry Styles self-titled debut album will also be released on May 12

2017 Radio Disney Music Award Winners

Britney Spears is honoured with the first ever 'Icon Award'

Dubai 100 Pitch Day

Dubai 100 second edition provides entrepreneurs with platforms to test their products

YouTube’s Music Competition Series Is On!

YouTube is launching a music competition series for emerging artists- 'Best.Cover.Ever'

April 45 Is  La La Land Day In Los Angeles

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti declares April 25 to be 'La La Land Day

Guardians Will Join Next

Guardians’ cast will join the likes of Captain America and Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War

Zoe Saldana Talks About

Zoe Saldana is glad that “Avatar 2” has a confirmed release dates

Under Patronage of Mohammed bin Rashid Dubai Government Excellence Program Honors Winners

Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) will honour the winners of its 20th cycle in a ceremony at Dubai World Trade Centre

Heath Ledger's Life & Career Is Celebrated in a documentary -

Ledger's former fiancée - Michelle Williams supports the project but refused to take part on cam

Zac Efron & Cast of ‘Baywatch’ Host SlowMotion Marathon

Baywatch – TV series during the 90’s was known for slow motion scenes, in promotion of the latest movie version, casts host the first SlowMo Marathon

Arab Media Forum’s Media Walk Is Back On Its 3rd Year

Arab Media Forum’s Media Walk will feature a replica of the "Sarooq Al-Hadeed" museum