Celebs & Events

Chris Pratt Gets A Star

Chris Pratt gets his own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Think Science Fair 2017

Think Science Fair has received more projects submitted this year with a notable of 51%

Julia Roberts:  “World’s Most Beautiful” Woman

Julia Roberts is named as the Most Beautiful by People’s Magazine for the 5th time

Kevin Spacey To Host 2017 Tony Awards

The 71st Annual Tony Award finally found a host

Prince William Video Called Lady Gaga To Discuss Mental Health

Prince William and Lady Gaga talk about mental health in a video released by “Heads Together”

Mark Zuckerberg Breaks The Silence On Cleveland Murder Live Post on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg vows to prevent tragedies similar to Cleveland murder incident from being posted on Facebook

The Chainsmokers &  Harry Styles Take Top Spot of US Charts

The Chainsmokers Duo knocked Drake off the top spot while in the digital chart Harry Styles sold around 142,000 copies.

Join Us To Build A Youth Powered  Expo Towards A Brighter Future

Youth will be at the core of Expo 2020 journey

Fate of The Furious Is Breaking Box Office Records

The 8th instalment of Fast and Furious is on it’s way to becoming the biggest worldwide debut of all time

Disney Celebrates The Girl Power of Star Wars

Disney creates short animation based on iconic female Star Wars characters

Prince Harry Opens Up About His Emotional Struggles After Princess Diana's Death

Prince Harry admits he shut down his emotions and being sad wouldn’t bring her mum back

First Trailer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Fans had a first glimpse of the latest ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi