Celebs & Events

Olivia Wilde to Direct Psychological Thriller

Olivia Wilde to produce and direct ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’

The Lion King Cross $1 Billion in Less Than 3 Weeks

‘The Lion King’ is the fourth Disney film to cross $1 billion this year

Katy Perry Loses 'Dark Horse' Copyright Trial

A federal jury ruled against Katy Perry Over A Copyright Trial

Mariah Carey Passes Billboard Torch For Longest-Running Number 1 Single to Lil Nas X

Mariah Carey Congratulates Lil Nas X After Breaking Her Long-Standing Billboard Record

Jason Momoa Gets a Surprise Birthday Party

Aquaman Jason Momoa's friends surprise him with a birthday party a few days before he turns 40

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Sets an Opening Day Record for Director Quentin Tarantino

'Upon a Time in Hollywood' on its way to becoming Quentin Tarantino's highest opening weekend film

Mark Wahlberg, Star of a True-Life Dog Movie

'Arthur the King', a true story of a stray dog adopted by a Swedish adventure racer

Actress Behind The Voice of Minnie Mouse Dies at 75

Russi Taylor lent a voice to Minnie Mouse for more than 30 years

Jennifer Lawrence to Produce and Star in ‘Mob Girl’

'Mob Girl' is a true-crime story of a mob wife turned police informant

‘Blade Runner’ Star Dead at 75

Rutger Hauer known for his villain role in 1982's Blade Runner died at 75

'Yesterday' Reach the $100 Million Milestone

Yesterday is a movie based on the Beatle's major hits

Backlash on MTV VMAs K-Pop Category

BTS fans criticize MTV VMA's K-Pop Category