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How to maintain energy while fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan is about spirituality, charity and bonding.

Guide to healthy fasting: Drinks to avoid during Ramadan

60 –70% of your body is made of water and any reduction in your water intake can affect your body's cells and nerves from functioning properly.

Louvre Abu Dhabi transformed into a ‘museum on the sea’

Temporary walls removed to allow the sea to surround the building, realising the architects vision for the world-class cultural institution.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visited the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

MBRSC’s main projects were showcased, including the Emirates Mars Mission - Hope, and KhalifaSat..

Foods to Avoid in Suhoor

If you want to make it through this holy month, feeling healthy and fit, here are a few tips...

Bodies Of Two Martyrs Arrive In AbuDhabi

Both the wives of the two pilots killed when their military helicopter crashed in Yemen on Monday..

6 Things to do at Suhoor to Keep your Energy Levels Up

We cannot stress on how important Suhoor is, especially in places where the days are hot and humid.

Dubai wins World Real Estate Congress for 2018.

Dubai wins world real estate congress for 2018.

UAE condemns Orlando attack

Ministry of foreign affairs responds to Orlando attack where 50 were killed.

Reading Nation Volunteers

5 million books from the UAE to the world.

Eating right during Ramadan: 10 useful tips

Moderation is important to maintain healthy weight