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Bill Murray Thinks Wanting an Oscar Award Is

Bill Murray Thinks Winning Can Hurt Your Career, Wanting an Oscar Award Is "Like a Virus"

Brad Pitt: I Got My First Gun When I Was in Kindergarten

Brad Pitt made a pretty shocking revelation during promotions for his upcoming war flick, Fury—that he has been a gun owner since he was in kindergarten.

Revenge: Victoria Could End Up Dead This Season, Says Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe insists she doesn't know everything that's going to happen in (Season 4) of Dubai One’s drama series “Revenge” at GMT 17:00 | UAE 21:00, every Monday .

Jeremy Renner Inspired by his Mission Impossible Films

Despite traveling the world for film roles and, recently, as a United Nations Goodwill Peace Ambassador to raise awareness for mine-clearing efforts in Afghanistan, Renner remains close to his roots.

Michelle Obama: Advice to My Younger Self

If she could go back in time, what words of wisdom would Michelle Obama share with a school-aged version of herself?

Robin Williams's Daughter, Zelda, Urges Others to Seek Help on World Mental Health Day

Nearly two months after her father, Robin Williams, lost his battle with mental illness by committing suicide, his daughter, Zelda Williams, paid tribute to him on World Mental Health Day by urging others suffering from the disease to seek help.

The only thing Raven-Symoné dislikes more than being labeled is being misquoted.

Ben Affleck Angrily Defends Islam Against Bill Maher/Sam Harris

Ben Affleck was quick to call out what he felt was Bill Maher's "gross, racist, disgusting," ideas about Islam during a heated debate.

Ben and Jen's Romantic Anniversary

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary with a romantic, cozy dinner in Michigan near where he's been filming Batman vs. Superman.

Alyssa Milano Leaves 'MISTRESS' Being a Mother Comes First

Family comes first for Alyssa Milano – even ahead of her starring role on a popular series.

Tiger Woods Opens a Brand-New Restaurant

Tiger Woods is stepping away from the golf course and into the restaurant business.

Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI

Sad news for Amanda Bynes. The actress was arrested on Sunday morning at 3 a.m. for DUI