Celebs & Events

Expo 2020 Interest

Commercial partnerships being formed ahead of big event..

Reading Results, Huge response on First day of Ramadan initiative

This rapid response to the campaign from Emiratis and local entities reflects the UAE’s commitment to humanitarian and development goals ..

Towering Above New Landmark Tower To Be 100 Meters Taller than Burj Khalifa ...

The Tower, a new landmark announced as part of Dubai’s Creek Harbour project will be 100 metres taller than the world’s highest building...

HollyWood and Dubai, Burj Khalifa Cameo in Independence Day Movie Sequel..

Tallest building flying throw the air as part of the film...

Twitter Launched Ramadan Emoji

Twitter launched Ramadan Emoji for ramadan in the shape of a crescent moon and will be used in both Arabic and English..

Vice President Launches Ramadan Campaign

Mohammed launches ‘Reading Nation’ Campaign to provide five million books..

Muhammad Ali, World Mourns Passing of Sporting Icon..

June 3, 2016 will be marked as the day when one of the world’s most loved celebrities died..

Ramadan Rush Hours

Dubai Police warn that speeding is main cause of accident during Ramadan ..

Smoking Ban Proposed, Total ban in all public places by year-end proposed

The UAE is proposing a total ban on smoking in public spaces by the end of 2016

Marine Tourism Boost

Aim is to attract 1 million maritime tourists by 2020.

Dubai’s Al Wasl Bridge opens this Friday

Part of Dubai Water Canal Project..