Celebs & Events

Dev Patel to Play David Copperfield in a Film

The new film will offer a modern take on Dicken's title character

Court Dismisses Copyright Suit Against Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been accused of copyright infringement on her song Shake It Off

Bill Paxton's Family Files A Case Against Hospital and Surgeon

Bill Paxton's family files a wrongful death case against the hospital and surgeon

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Visits Operation Control Room of the World Government Summit

Sheikh Mohammed inspects police, security measures in place to ensure the safety of participants at WGS

Guillermo Heads the 75th of Venice Film Festival Jury

Guillermo Del Toro will preside over the jury of the 75th Venice Festival

Angelina Jolie’s Advice to Her Daughters

Angelina Jolie hopes to pass on her desire to serve others to her daughters

Johann Johannsson - Theory Of Everything and Arrival Composer Died at 48

Johan Johannsson won musical scoring awards for the films Theory of Everything, Sicario, and Arrival

K-pop Stars Promote Winter Olympic

Olympic Winter Games 2018 gets a strong support from k-pop stars

The World Doctors Orchestra's Debut Performance in Dubai

The World Doctors Orchestra performance in Dubai aims to raise fund for Al Jalila Foundation

Hollywood Actor Robert DeNiro Will Attend World Government Summit

World Government Summit aims to host a dialogue between leaders, scientists, decision-makers, and experts to find solution to important issues

Quentin Tarantino Responds to Uma Thurman Movie Car Crash on Kill Bill Set

Quentin Tarantino considers Uma Thurman's car crash on Kill Bill's set as the biggest regrets of his Life

Ben Affleck's Father Blames Hollywood for His Son's Alcoholism

Timothy Affleck, father of Ben and Casey Affleck blames Hollywood for his sons' issues