Celebs & Events

Harry Styles Gives Tribute To Manchester Bombing Victims

Harry Styles honours the victim of Manchester bombings with a heartfelt rendition of Ariana Grande's 'Just a Little Bit of Your Heart'

Singer Mariah Carey Battles With Bipolar Disorder

Mariah Carey admits to being in denial and fearful that someone would expose her condition

T.J. Miller Charged for Fake Bomb Threat

Comedy actor T.J. Miller could be facing 5 years in prison if convicted of the charged of faking a bomb threat

Daniel Craig To Star The 25th Installment of James Bond

Daniel Craig is set to return as James Bond in the 25th instalment of the franchise

Bryan Cranston and Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton Win At Olivier Awards 2018

'Hamilton' picks seven awards from its 13 nominations

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Want Donations For Charity In Lieu of Gifts

Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle request their well-wishers to give donations to charity instead of wedding gifts

Mohammed bin Rashid Approves AED11 Billion For Social Assistance

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum asserted that meeting the social welfare needs of the people is essential for the stability of societies

Black Panther Breaks Another Record

Black Panther Sinks Titanic as No. 3 Top Grossing Film Of All Time in U.S.

‘A Quiet Place’ Makes A Noise At  Box Office

John Krasinski’s thriller “A Quiet Place” earns $45Million this weekend

Salman Khan Get's Out Of Jail After Granted A Bail

Salman Khan's followers celebrate the release of the actor from jail after an Indian court granted him bail

Saudi Arabia To Open New Cinema in Decades on  April 18

AMC’s first cinema is located in the King Abdullah Financial District

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Attends The Arab Journalism Award Ceremony

The Arab Journalism Award Honors 14 outstanding journalists