Celebs & Events

Mariah Carey Passes Billboard Torch For Longest-Running Number 1 Single to Lil Nas X

Mariah Carey Congratulates Lil Nas X After Breaking Her Long-Standing Billboard Record

Jason Momoa Gets a Surprise Birthday Party

Aquaman Jason Momoa's friends surprise him with a birthday party a few days before he turns 40

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Sets an Opening Day Record for Director Quentin Tarantino

'Upon a Time in Hollywood' on its way to becoming Quentin Tarantino's highest opening weekend film

Mark Wahlberg, Star of a True-Life Dog Movie

'Arthur the King', a true story of a stray dog adopted by a Swedish adventure racer

Actress Behind The Voice of Minnie Mouse Dies at 75

Russi Taylor lent a voice to Minnie Mouse for more than 30 years

Jennifer Lawrence to Produce and Star in ‘Mob Girl’

'Mob Girl' is a true-crime story of a mob wife turned police informant

‘Blade Runner’ Star Dead at 75

Rutger Hauer known for his villain role in 1982's Blade Runner died at 75

'Yesterday' Reach the $100 Million Milestone

Yesterday is a movie based on the Beatle's major hits

Backlash on MTV VMAs K-Pop Category

BTS fans criticize MTV VMA's K-Pop Category

Margot Robbie on Barbie's Positive Impact  on Children

Margot Robbie says that Barbie as a brand has empowered children's journey to self-discovery

Leonardo DiCaprio Shares His Thoughts on Streaming

Leonardo DiCaprio worries possible extinction of that traditional film

'The Lion King' Reigns at Box Office

The Lion King rules the box office with $185 million debut