Celebs & Events

Jason Bateman Gets a Walk Of Fame  Star

Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett show support when Jason Bateman receives his star

New Smart Taxi Meters Installation

RTA starts installation of smart taxi meters costing AED69million

Drones Delivering Your Takeout? How Cool Is That?

A technology company is looking at using drone deliver packages within areas in Dubai, but still subject to government’s approval

Wonder Woman Sequel Hits Theater in 2019

After the sequel has been confirmed recently, Wonder Woman 2 gets a release in 2019

Kendrick Lamar and Katy Perry Lead 2017 MTV Video Music Award Nominations

Rapper Kendrick Lamar has 8 nominations while Katy Perry earned 5 nominations

UAE Is One Of The Most Digitally Advanced Countries In The World

World Economic Forum published an article that the UAE is one of the world's most digitally advanced countries in the world

James Bond Is Coming Back in 2019

Release date for the next James Bond movie is confirmed in 2019 but no final word yet if Daniel Craig is back as well to reprise his role

Justin Bieber Cancels Remainder of Purpose World Tour Concerts

Days after being banned from performing in China, Justin Bieber announces cancellation of the remaining scheduled concerts

Prince William and Harry Regret “Desperately Rushed” Final Conversation with Princess Diana

In a documentary called "Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy", Britain’s princes express their regret over final short conversation with Princes Diana

Dunkirk Grabs First Spot at the Global Box Office

Dunkirk over achieved in terms of box office expectations

RTA Receives 6071 Ideas and Observations From MBR Smart Majlis

RTA has received 4927 ideas and 1144 observations from MBR Smart Majlis

'Wonder Woman’s Sequel Is Confirmed

Wonder Woman is getting a sequel as confirmed during the Comic Con 2017.