Golden Globes 2017 Drama: Sylvester Stallone Vs Casey Affleck

Eonline.com: Sylvester Stallone's three daughters took the stage in unison on Sunday night as Miss Golden Globes 2017...but their father was nowhere to be seen in the crowd.

A source tells E! News the Rocky star was supposed to be seated near Casey Affleck and Matt Damon at the Manchester by the Sea table. However, we're told when Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin arrived while the filmed segment of Jimmy Fallon's opening number was rolling, there was only one seat available.

"He was understandably upset," the source explained.

Another onlooker told us Affleck and the rest of the stars at his table were shuffling around trying to make more room for additional chairs—which proved to be difficult considering the tightness of the seating arrangements as they were—and they weren't sure what to do. Thus, Stallone and Flavin decided to retreat to the green room and watch the show from behind-the-scenes.

At the commercial break, the stage hands made room for the couple at the table, giving them a prime seat facing the stage. However, Stallone decided to stay in the green room. Our insider said Affleck was backstage later on in the evening ahead of presenting and went up to talk with Stallone, acknowledging that it was an unfortunate situation and attempting to smooth things over, but the 70-year-old wouldn't have it.

"Casey was nothing but gracious," the source explained. "Stallone was horrible to him and told him to get out of his face."

Still, a rep for Stallone tells E! News he enjoyed the special evening. "Sylvester Stallone had a wonderful evening attending and presenting at the Golden Globes and celebrating with his family and friends," the rep said.