Tanya's Flower Design

Tanya's Flower Design

Mission Ep 9

Desert Escapade

Samir Alone At The Danger Zone

Designers Handpick Joyce's Collection

Mission: Dress For Success

Samir Got 4 Stars & An Offer

Surprise visitors For Joyce

Fabric Runs out

Week 6: Mission - Designing for Late Hollywood and Fashion Icon

Designers Voted for Tatyana's Collection

Nadim failed to get a "YES" from Ramzi

Nazem, Yusra & Shaymaa Challenge: To work together as a team

Week 4 Theme: Earth, Fire, Water & Air

Yusra Ignores Mentors' Advice

Week 3 Mission: Geometric Shapes & 3D

Designers Vs Shaymaa

Nadim Nemr - Dubbed As "Young Alexander Mc Queen"

Meet The Designers

What Is At Stake

Week 1 Mission: Signature Collection

A Dream Come True